Friday, September 18, 2015

Missed our Concussion Parent Seminar - here's a short video summary from Vance Schug

This past Wednesday night, the SCS Athletics Department hosted our first Parent Grand Rounds of the 2015/16 School Year. Vance Schug, a certified athletic trainer from Momentum Physical Therapy, shared some great information about how to recognize and respond to a suspected concussion. My big take-away was a reminder of just how seriously we need to treat even a seemingly minor collision or sudden whip involving the head. If, after any head impact, there are reports of headaches, dizziness, nausea or seeming disorientation - an athlete should absolutely be removed from any competition for the day and will likely require some days rest to assure a full recovery.

Here is a 2 min. video summary of the presentation from Vance

 Our next Grand Rounds will be on Wednesday October 21 - and will be hosted by SCS Math Coordinator John Madden. John will be sharing information about how best to support your child in their growth as a mathematician during their years at SCS. Brain research has completely debunked the myth that only some people are either born to be math types - instead we now know that all children (and even adults) can acquire key math habits of mind and interaction - and that these are the secrets that lead to success in all levels of mathematics. Set-aside the night for some fascinating learning - and the opportunity to really help your children thrive and love their math classes. The information will be relevant to parents of all age children - from EEE all the way up to 8th grade. Free dinner of soup / salad is served in the SCS cafeteria at 5:30, and childcare is available (for any toilet trained child) through our IAS staff for the entire presentation which runs from 6-7 with a question / answer period following from 7 - 7:30.
Hope you can plan to attend.
Allan Miller - SCS Middle School Co-Principal

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