Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MS Snapshot Tues 9/8

Wanted to share a few photos from my morning walk-around today - day 8 into our first year with students having access to technology anytime a teacher needs it to support their students learning.   I was excited to see it being used in so many different ways as well as the continued implementation of great pedagogy - both with and without technology involved.   Great way to start our week!
The tools of a 21st century student - pencil, paper and technology - and the ability for learning to happen anywhere, even the hallway floor
setting goals online and reviewing Spanish vocabulary during a study time
ccollaborating on an entry for the "About Me?" page of the personal e-portfolio every middle school student is creating

creating an alphabet book for first year Spanish - some chose online and others pencil and paper, choice is great

getting organized in Googleclassroom - when I asked a 6th grader about this today his response was "it really helps me stay organized so much better than my old notebook clutter"

Math class - keeping records of group discussions about problem solving strategies

and yes - even discussion with no Chromebooks in sight!   Here learning the protocol for conducting a scientists meeting to discuss experiment outcomes and new hypotheses

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