Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our SCS Weekly update - three more highlight videos and important Bond Info

Being almost a full month into school - it's fun to hear from students about some of the great learning that is happening in classrooms on each of our teams.   Here are three of the stories I heard this week:

Shelburne Farms Watershed unit sharing - click here if you don't see the video

Robotics Project - click here if you can't see the video

Creative History Project - click here if you can't see the video

We also had three days of school pictures this week - testing a new vendor as a result of some difficulties we had the last few years with our previous company.   Since this is a pilot - I would love to hear any feedback that parents have to offer.  We definitely our excited about not having to wait a month to get the pictures back to everyone, but before we commit to another year we definitely want to be sure that people are happy with the product they received.   If you have any info to share please drop me an email at

Please mark your calendar for getting out to vote on November 3 when the SCS School Board will be asking voters to consider funding two very important school bonds.

Article 1 will fund the replacement of our leaky twenty year old roof and Article 2 will fund the complete renovation of the D/E wings - eliminating the current open classrooms the middle school teams and Treehouse occupy to create modern classrooms off a central corridor.  This will also allow students to avoid using the breezeway to travel from elementary classrooms to the cafeteria, gymnasium and UA's creating a much safer, more secure building.   There will be much more information shared over the next month including public forums on Tues Oct 13 at 7 PM and Tues Oct 27 at 6:30.

Hope everyone has been able to enjoy the beautiful weekends these past few weeks - hard to imagine how Autumn could be any better!   All the best - Allan

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