Friday, September 18, 2015

Student updates from SCS Middle School 9/18

So I found another three students who were available to talk for a minute about their highlights this past week at SCS.

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My highlight this week - was being part of the Steve Mount Memorial Cross Country Meet at Williston Central on Friday afternoon.  Over 400 middle schoolers ran their hearts out for 3 km (that's 1.8 miles for those non-metric folks) and over 50 SCS runners took part.

Overall the boys team came in 7th out of 15 teams and the girls 8th - an outstanding effort.   I've always thought cross country was the perfect metaphor for life - with success coming one step at a time through hard work, often where no one can even see your struggles.   I love the smiling faces here - as the athletes gather after the race to celebrate the results.

Just a reminder that next Wednesday there is no school for any CSSU students (including both SCS and CVU) since it is the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.   A little unusual to have a break right in the middle of a week - but hopefully none of you forget and show up at 7:55 to an empty school, or sit patiently at the bus stop wondering why I haven't called to explain your child's delayed bus :-)   

Hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the sunshine of our extended summer this weekend.   Allan 

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