Saturday, October 10, 2015

25 Days until Nov 3 Bond Vote - check out a new RETN video and an interview with Facility Committee Chair David Hillman

This week we would also like to highlight an important community opportunity that is coming in just 25 days - that is the November 3 vote on two school improvement bonds.  Article 1 is for $2.4 million to replace our twenty year old roof, and Article 2 is for $6.85 million to completely renovate the 1967 era D and W wings that currently house our three middle school teams, three kindergarten classes, World Language classrooms and our literacy and ELL (English Language Learners) programs.   You can learn more about these projects by checking out the "Building Our Future" website -Building Our Future - there you can find lots of information explaining why we think this investment of $9.25 million is absolutely necessary for SCS to maintain and even improve upon the high quality of education that Shelburne families expect and deserve.

You can also view this 6 minute video produced by RETN that thoroughly explains the project:

Click here if you can't see the RETN video

Here is also a 3 minute video with School Board Facility Committee Chairman David Hillman -sharing how he moved from being a "doubting Thomas" in regards to the project to one of our strong supporters for the current articles.

Click here if you can't see Dave Hillman's video

If you have friends / neighbors who do not subscribe to this blog we also encourage everyone to share either these videos or this blog post with them.   Our goal is to be certain that as many Shelburne residents as possible have the opportunity to take part in the community discussion of this important decision over the next few weeks.   There are also four more opportunities to come to the school, actually see the parts of the school we hope to improve, and hear directly from School Board members and the SCS Administration.  Here are those dates and times:

Tuesday October 13 at 7 PM - Community Forum - Discussion, Tour and Q&A
Tuesday October 20 at 8 AM - Morning Coffee with Tour and Q&A
Tuesday October 27 at 7 PM - Community Forum - Discussion, Tour and Q&A
Monday November 2 at 8 AM - Morning Coffee with Tour and Q&A

If by chance you are ready to vote - no need to wait until November 3.  Just stop by the Shelburne Town Hall and ask the staff for an absentee ballot, you could do that as soon as this Tuesday so why wait?

In the meantime - you can also forward any questions directly to School Board Chair David Connery or SCS CoPrincipals Pati Beaumont and Allan Miller (, or

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