Saturday, October 3, 2015

Arts and Citizenship Student Interviews and Activity Night Photos

What a great way to wrap up a really fun week - a little dancing, dodgeball, floor hockey and Just Dance with a couple hundred fun SCS middle schoolers!   If your son or daughter missed this time - just two more chances in 2015 - Nov. 6 and Dec. 11.   This one was sponsored by the Student Council - thanks to their sponsors Robin Halnon and Claire Deslauriers for pulling it all together with the kids.  Check out a few highlights -
DJ Duane from Supersounds and his magic laser show rocks the gym

Showing off for the camera
Winter may be months away but it's always hockey season

what's the cafeteria for - a little Wii Just Dance and lots of great snacks
This week for academics I'd like to highlight one part of our 8th Grade Arts and Citizenship program - the community service cycle.  Every Thursday afternoon 8th graders spend their last 2 hours of the day demonstrating how they have learned to achieve the SCS Core Value of "contributing positively to their community."  Here are three students sharing how they have chosen to make that happen.

Click this link if you can't see the Soccer coaching video

If you can't see the Arbors video click this link

Meghan Kelley - our staff Arbor's community service coordinator - took this photo at the Arbors this week, hand's-on community service in action.

Click this link if you can't see the New Village Farm video

And last but definitely not least - here is a video of one of our 6th graders sharing how his new Chromebook is helping with his work and how it was applied in his Spanish class this past week.  Have to admit that I messed up this post last week due to my own tech struggles - I had a really good interview with him but had my Iphone set to photo rather than video - ended up with not much info to post except his great smile  - so tried again this week with a real post :-)

Click here if you can't see the Chromebooks and Spanish video

I want to close with an unsolicited plug for a great book an SCS parent loaned me this week.  If you saw me looking a little tired this week it was because I started The Martian on Wednesday night - figured I would read a couple chapters before falling asleep.   250 pages later it was 2 AM.  The next night was the same - but finally at 2:30 AM it was done and I was able to get to sleep.  Science and NASA - the only thing that could have made it more perfect for me would have been tying in the Russian Space Agency!!   Now off to Palace 9 to see if Matt Damon has the right stuff :-)

Another beautiful weekend - hope that you and your family are able to enjoy it a bit.  Look forward to sharing some more about SCS Middle School next week.  Allan

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