Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eighth Grade Arts and Citizenship - four visiting K-5 classrooms video

Every Thursday afternoon all 8th graders participate in our capstone Arts and Citizenship program, an opportunity to demonstrate their work on various elements of our mission statement and core learning targets.   Last week I shared videos from the Shelburne Craft School where a group is currently demonstrating their ability to creatively learn a new skill such as stained glass, pottery on the wheel, woodworking or metalcrafting.   Another group spends the trimester demonstrating their ability to "contribute positively to their community" and currently we have ten students who chose to serve as mentors and supports in K-5 classrooms around the building.   Hope you enjoy these short visits with students talking about their time in some of our primary classrooms.

Click here is you don't see the "supporting Kindergarten video"

  Click here if you don't see the Supporting 2nd grade video

  Click here if you don't see the Supporting 1st Grade video

Click here if you don't see the Supporting 3rd grade video

We also certainly don't want to miss one last opportunity to encourage everyone to get out and vote this Tuesday.   Hopefully you are well aware that we have two important school renovation bonds on the ballot - one to repair our twenty year old leaky roof, and the other to completely renovate the D and E wings to provide a safe, efficient, and modern classrooms to replace what we have carved from the fifty year old open classroom spaces.   Polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM at the Shelburne Town Offices on November 3 and we would appreciate your support.

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