Saturday, October 31, 2015

Red Ribbon Week Pictures

This past week was our annual Red Ribbon Week celebration - a chance for us to join with schools and students around the nation celebrating a healthy drug-free lifestyle.   The week is organized by students members of our LEAD Team (Leadership Education is the AntiDrug).  From an opening visit from Helene Neville who just completed a 10,000 mile run around the perimeter of the US to a closing schoolwide Mix-It-Up day - it was a really wonderful celebration.   Each day had a theme - Monday was "turn your back on drugs" and we wore our clothes inside-out and backwards,  Tuesday was "dream happy dreams of a healthy community" so we wore our PJ's,  Wednesday was "I moustache you to make healthy choices" so we quickly grew mustaches, Thursday was "team up against drug abuse" so we wore team colors, and Friday was the final day where we all wore read.  Below you can find some pictures that hopefully share a sense of how we all came together to spread the message of Healthy Choices.   A special thank you goes out to Amy Sayre - our CY SAP and Rachel Petraska - our 5-8 guidance counselor for their work with the LEAD students, as well as our Wellness Committee, headed by Rachel, School Nurse Jocelyn Bouyea and 5th grade teacher Vasanthi Meyette for all their hard work that brought us all together so well!

Our Connect Youth LEAD Students preparing the week

More of our Project LEAD - celebrating a successful week

I "moustache" you to make healthy choices

Winton in PJ's so they can dream about a healthy community

Mix-it-Up in a Kindergarten Class
Winton Team coloring mandalas with some new friends

At the end of a successful rubber duck hunt - next up is story telling

deep into the mancala challenge

creating some Halloween drawings together

Sure I'll pause for my mandala to pose for the Principal :-)

Some more mandalas together

Winton with Helene Neville kicking off Red Ribbon Week

Holden showing their support for our visiting World Record Holder

Alpha with Helene in the middle of the team

Helene's talk was an inspiration for so many of us - thanks for the visit!  

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