Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Schedule for start of basketball season

Schedule for start of basketball season:
Tuesday, Nov.10 Boys 3:00-4:30, Girls 4:30-6:00
Wednesday, Nov.11 Boys 4:30-6:00, Girls 3:00-4:30
Friday, Nov.13 Boys 3:00-4:30, Girls 4:30-6:00 
Monday, Nov.16 Boys 4:30-6:00- Girls 3:00-4:30 (Teams will be announced by end of practice)
Tuesday, Nov.17 NO PRACTICE
Wednesday, Nov.18 Boys 4:30-6:00, Girls 3:00-4:30
Thursday, Nov.19 Boys 3:00-4:30, Girls 4:30-6:00
Friday, Nov.20 Boys 4:30-6:00, Girls 3:00-4:30 

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