Saturday, October 24, 2015

SCS / Shelburne Craft School Partnership and Arts & Citizenship Update

So this week I thought I would share one of my favorite walk-arounds - that is on Thursday afternoon when our entire 8th grade engages in our Arts and Citizenship Program.   This is a capstone to their years at SCS - a chance for them to display their learning in three different areas:  1 - how they can learn engage in learning a new skill at the Shelburne Craft School, 2 - how they can independently develop and complete a project of their own choosing, and 3 - how they can contribute positively to their community.   

For interviews this week I found a group of students busily at work at the Shelburne Craft School.    Students there select from up to eight possible projects - with the goal of trying their hand at something they are interested in but have never had the opportunity to try.  A great chance to demonstrate their ability to pick up a new skill and also persevere through some inevitable struggles.   

I also took a walk around our independent project sessions and shot a few pictures just to share all the great work that is happening there.   From the creation of underwater ROVs that are really beginning to take shape, to a huge range of creative projects in the arts, music and video realms - this snapshot just reinforced for me just how talented and creative many of the young people in our building are.   Next week I'm going to try to make my round so the students who are participating in a variety of community service projects - everything from tutoring K-5 students, to coaching youth soccer, to supporting residents at the Arbors to working with the livestock at New Village Farm.   Something to look forward to hearing more about!    

Prepping the Cat5 cable for the ROV controller
soldering the motor connections for the ROV
waterproofing the motors for Dave Kelly

Arts and Citizenship Independent Arts Project work

Arts and Citizenship mid-project collaborative critique

Another Arts and Citizenship Independent Project underway

 Another independent project in the design / revision stage

 next steps after the critique project
 pondering next steps after the mid-project critique

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