Friday, October 2, 2015

SCS sport teams updates

SCS Athletic update:
Girls Soccer: The girls A team played at home against Hunt from Burlington. We came out hard and strong scoring a quick goal by Courtney. Our goal today was to try and tighten up our defense. We did really well in the first have scoring 4 goals and holding them to 1. Delaney ended up racking up a hat-trick with some cool footwork and precision aim. They came back in the 2nd half, but our girls were relentless and held them off till the end. We had some nice plays today with a gorgeous pass up front from Gracey to Karolina. Also some stellar clears in the back by Avery, Kate, Leah and Olivia.Vergennes traveled North to play against us on Friday. I thought our girls would be pretty tired as it was the 3rd game this week. Instead, we pumped in 12 goals scored by 9 different players!  The girls got to experience playing lots of different positions too. It was a fun way to end the week!!
Field Hockey: September 21 - Hunt - A Team win 6-0 (Goals by Clara, Annabel, Flynn and Corina)
September 24 - Browns River - A Team win 2-0 (Goals by Flynn and Alyssa), B Team win 2-0 (Goals by Sydney P and Gracie)

SCS XC had two fabulous runs this past week. They participated in The Muddy Buddy Fun Run against LCWS and CCS on Monday, and our 5th annual fun run with Edmunds on Thursday. We are back this week with a race on Friday October 2nd at CVU. Sixth graders Phoebe Henderson, Maggie Madden, Henry Marcoe and Max Krupp are racing incredibly well. Their efforts are supported by our fabulous veteran runners Noah Witt, Grace Caswell, Garrett Gruendling, Advik Dewoolkar, Jaime Ray, Mia Brumsted, Lena Kerest, Teya Oliver, Maddy Krupp and Ava Oglesby and  Lauren Reagan.

Boys A Soccer:

Monday 9/21 - The boys played really well against a good Edmunds team today. We lost 3-2. Edmunds scored their third goal inside the last minute, after some really good pressure from us towards the end of the game.

Thursday 9/24 - We had another away game, this time at Hunt. The boys had one of their better games of the season despite the 2-0 loss. Hunt was a very strong and physical team, but we battled hard.

Friday 9/25 - The guys played great against Vergennes this afternoon. All of the boys were able to try out an unfamiliar position throughout the game. Even with some switch ups, the level of their play as a whole stayed high. The final score was 5-0.

Monday 9/28 - Today we played South Burlington. We played probably our best game of the season to date! The boys were combining extremely well on the ball, and working hard off of it defensively. The final score was 3-0. Although, Mac scored a great headed goal that was called back off of a Jackson Konowitz cross (that I'm counting in my book).

SCS Boys B team played a hard fought game in their first 9v9 game against South Burlington.  Gregory Seraus scored two well earned goals while Ollie scored one goal and was credited with two assists.  The team is really beginning to gel with players stepping up to play different positions due to the small team 13 players with one player on the medical leave for an injured knee.  Eric Sandage played a fine game as defender and assisted in maintaining possession of the ball as he moved to a forward position in the second half. Erik Jensen, who normally plays forward, was outstanding in his defensive position.  The score was 3 - 3 until the last minute of play when S. Burl. scored on an attempt from inside the box for a final score of 4-3.  Avery Smith did an outstanding job defending against the onslaught of powerful shots on goal, being credited with many saves.  All of the players did an outstanding job working as a team.

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