Saturday, October 10, 2015

Shelburne Kids Afterschool Together - aka SKAT

Shelburne Kids Afterschool Together - or what we more affectionately refer to as our SKAT middle school co-curricular program :-). Here are a couple posts from two popular classes going on right now.

Click here if you can't see the Lego Robotics video

You can always see what is going on with our SKAT program through the SCS website - this first session has featured yearbook, littlebits mentoring, yes we can, and the SCS Environmental Club in addition to quadcopters and lego-robotics.  Click here - to see more information

For a third video this week - I'd like a share a powerful post from Dr. Tony Wagner -the current expert in residence at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Innovation Lab.   During this 6 minute video he shares his view of the skills that the current students at SCS will need to become successful adults in our rapidly changing society.   It is a really thought provoking challenge to consider how best our school can help develop these skills and attributes.

Click here if you can't see Tony Wagner "Seven Survival Skills for Careers, College, and Citizenship."

As I highlighted in my first post of this blog several weeks ago - we are really excited about the transformational work that we have begun through our partnership with the UVM Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE).  The reason that we have undertaken the investment of putting a Chromebook in the hands of every middle school student is that we firmly believe that this tool is absolutely necessary as we strive to personalize every student's education at SCS and help them develop these skills and aptitudes that Dr. Wagner is talking about.  At each of our middle school conferences we want to begin the development of a Personal Learning Plan (PLP for short) that will help guide our work at SCS and then stay with every student as they travel to CVU or other area high schools.   This is exciting new work and the Chromebooks have been instrumental as each student has already begun developing their own e-portfolio that we hope they will share with you as part of the conference.   Thank you all for taking the time to be part of conferences over the next couple weeks.    Allan

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