Friday, October 16, 2015

Three More Interviews and Our New Iphone App is out

I hope that some of you are enjoying these interviews and hearing what our students are learning - I know I certainly enjoy hearing about some of the great learning that is happening in our classrooms each week.   This week is a pretty eclectic mix - let's begin with hearing about some rich literature work - a project analyzing the themes of Catcher in the Rye.

Click here is you can't see Catcher in the Rye video

Next how about preparations for an upcoming team musical and vocabulary work for a new theme on Citizenship.

Click here if you can't see Friday Night Fever video

and last but not - think you understand some of the new visual math strategies, here is an explanation of some great learning this week around the unit squares method to understand some simple factoring.

Click here if you can't see the Math - Unit Squares video

 We are excited to let everyone know that the free SCS Connect mobile app with the digital directory is now available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store.  With our mobile app you can:
·      Open the app each day and find everything you need to know – the weather, lunch menu, new and daily calendar.
·      Keep up to date with SCS announcements and activities through its news sections and blogs.  Set up your personal blog stream by subscribing to classroom or project blogs and have them presented in one customized, integrated view.
·      View a detailed SCS calendar that is updated throughout the day, seven days a week. Add important events to you iPhone or iPad calendar for easy viewing and setting up reminders.
·      Access important SCS documents and forms from the app’s file cabinet.  From within the app documents can be viewed, printed and shared.
·      Finally, both the staff (emails only) and family directories are available within the app. You can us the digital directory to easily call, email, message or map your fellow SCS families. 
For security and privacy reasons the directory information is not stored on the app in the app store.  To access this information you will need to create, and log into, an SCS Connect Account using the email you supplied to the school.  Once you’ve submitted this information through the app a password will be send to your email that you can use to unlock and download the directories.  The process takes only a few minutes and ensures that only SCS families can access the directory.
We realize that some of the directory information may not be correct – this is especially true when it comes to phone numbers because in the school’s database we don’t store the number type (home, cell or work) and the app is set up to list home and cell numbers but not work numbers.  This meant a number of assumptions had to be made when putting the digital directory together.  In order to make sure the information is as complete and accurate as possible, we will be releasing an on-line tool that lets you easily make changes/corrections to your directory listing.  This tool will not only let you correct any initial errors in your directory listing, it will also be available throughout the school year to let you make changes if you move or get a new phone number for some other reason.  Information about how to access this tool will be sent out to those who everyone registers for the directory as soon as it is available.
Finally, the app was developed by an SCS parent, Steve Trombley, who has made it available to all of us for free through his company Praximity Consulting.   We want to also point out that there is an important feedback option that we encourage everyone to use.    You can use this to report a bug, suggest new features or just thanks and hello to Steve.  As with any software project, detecting and correcting bugs is an ongoing effort and we want to know right away if something isn’t working right so it can be fixed in the next release.  We also want to hear your suggestions about new features (for example, in our next major release you can tag directory entries as favorites for easy access and view a directory listing indexed by team instead of last name).   All the communications from the feedback section are sent to him directly so please use it to say to say hi or to let him know what you think of the app!

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