Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanks for giving - celebrating 10,000 pencils for African schoolchildren

As part of this fall's "Yes We Can" SKAT class, a group of SCS middle school students organized a drive to collect pencils to be shared with African schools connected with class sponsor (and SCS grandparent) John Curtis.   What began as a small effort quickly grew to something embraced across the entire middle school and it is with great excitement we can share this photo of five full boxes containing 10,000 donated pencils!
Pencils for Pupils organizers James, Asa, Ethan and Jessica - missing is Augusta

Here you can listen to these four students share their story of how this all came about

click here if you can't see the Pencils for Pupils video

We also hope that many of you saw the Burlington Free Press article about the Winton Team and our Environmental Club's involvement in the IdleFreeVT citizen science campaign this fall.  If you missed here - here is the link to the story:

FreePress Students Go Undercover Article Link

With their initial data collected, the students will now be organizing an informational campaign including some newsletter articles and other info directed to SCS parents and others that might be idling in our parking lots and front circle.   There goal is that come springtime, when they conduct a follow-up survey, they will see genuine evidence that their work has made a difference for our environment.  Science for a purpose - love this kind of work!

It has been a great start to the school year, and it is our hope as we hit the "pause" button next week that you and your family enjoy a wonderful time of restful Thanksgiving.   We look forward to reopening the school doors again on Monday November 30 - hard to believe that December and then 2016 is just around the corner!     Think snow :-)  

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