Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The day before our holiday vacation

Team Esprit at their publishing party

It's that wonderful time of the year,
when you can relax for a few days
and truly be with family and friends.

I hope you enjoy seeing random photos
I took of students enjoying their last day
of school before the holiday vacation.

Thanks to all of you, parents, guardians,
grandparents and other extended family
members, teachers, support staff and
students, for making SCS such a magical
place to be during this holiday season.

Treehouse students enjoying a craft station

Kindergarteners enjoying story time

Treehouse students and teachers enjoying their crafts

Look at that beautiful snowman!

The Treehouse Team making ornaments
The Wonder Team celebrates their hard work studying their famous Vermonters in anticipation of their wax museum display.

Getting out some energy...

Looking a little tired...

Enjoying some relaxing time coloring mandalas in Mrs. Garvey's classroom
Making gingerbread ornaments in Ms. Mendl's room.
More ornament designs.  Boy did those gingerbread men smell wonderful!
Playing games in Miss Blair's class

Future engineers!
Miss Sally's class showing me their engineering projects they designed in their last NGSS unit

Check out their different designs!

Bye, Addie.  We'll miss you!

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