Sunday, December 20, 2015

Updates on a new cycle of 8th Grade Arts and Citizenship

We recently began a new cycle of our culminating 8th grade project, and so this week I took a trip offsite to visit with some students demonstrating their ability to "contribute positively to their community" over at New Village Farm.  Here are some posts and pictures of a few students -

Click here if you can't see the egg collection at NVF video

Click here if you can't see the NVF handwork video

The following video is not for the faint of heart - but if you have ever wondered why we work so hard every day to have our students separate and collect their food waste and other recyclables, here is a video of the NVF beneficiaries of our composting program.   Far better than the tons of food we might be adding to the landfill every year!

Click here if you can't see the Our cafeteria food waste video

The egg collection team (check out the blue one in the upper box)

Cleaning up some donated wood for an upcoming building project

Our NVF team has certainly been enjoying the balmy December as you might notice there are no gloves or hats anywhere in site.  Know that when winter arrives though, our team of hardy young ladies will continue to support the animals and crew at the farm through March.

We also have a large group of students beginning their time at the Shelburne Craft School where they each have the opportunity to create a project working with a local artisan in a media that we are not able to offer as part of our building based arts program.   This trimester students chose from pottery on the wheel, stained glass, jewelry and metal working, and wood shop work.   Below you will find two interviews with students explaining the learning journey that they have just begun.

Click here if you can't see the Stained Glass at the Craft School video

click here if you can't see the Metalwork at Craft School video

As the year wraps up - I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable and refreshing school break.   As I ponder how I hope to spend the next couple weeks - the best image I can imagine is this one of our two new puppies  - Uschi and Kenai - enjoying a peaceful slumber in our kitchen last week.  If even for a few minutes I can get into that sort of a mindset - it can only help me come back to school next year ready for all that comes with the wonderful job of being an SCS CoPrincipal :-)    Thank you for the opportunity to work with your sons and daughters every day - yes there are days it is exhausting but it is also one of the great privileges I can imagine.   Can't wait to see everyone again in 2016.
Uschi and Kenai Miller - their morning nap

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