Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jeh Kulu and Some Basketball Champions

Our Guests - Ismael, Almamy, Souleyman and Sidiki
If your son or daughter was dancing at home this week - you can thank our Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum theater guests for providing them with some great inspiration.  Every single student in the school - from pre-school to 8th grade - was able to spend at least one period with our guests - learn a bit about African drumming and experience a bit of their culture.   The week wrapped up with two assemblies on Friday and thanks to middle school music teacher Christina Kelsh we have two videos that you welcome to watch.   Each is over 10 minutes long and and so they are pretty big files - but here's hoping that those of you who want a look can access the links.

Jeh Kulu Friday Elementary School Dance Performance

Jeh Kulu Friday Middle School Dance Performance

Our basketball teams also had a great week - with both our A and B teams participating in the CSSU tournament.   Both our Boys and Girls A teams ended in second place, losing close championship games to Williston.   Both B Teams came away as CSSU Champions - and here are some photos of those proud team members and their trophies.   Congratulations to everyone for your hard work and success this past week during your tournament games.

SCS Boys B Team - CSSU B Tournament Champions

SCS Girls B Team - CSSU B Tourment Champions

Looks like we missed the first major snowstorm of the year this weekend - bummer we couldn't have gotten at least a foot of all the white that is now burying Washington, DC.   Maybe the next one?  Have a great weekend.    Allan

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