Friday, January 15, 2016

Jeh Kulu in the SCS house!!

This Friday we were so excited to welcome our special artist in residence guests - the Jeh Kulu African drumming team.   The entire school was able to enjoy a 45 introduction to their energy and enthusiasm - here is a short clip to give you a sense (be sure to note the cartwheels of joy in the background!).

Click if you can't see the Jeh Kulu video

Here is another short clip showing the final dance celebration - some great moves out there on the floor!

Click if you can't see the dance celebration video
This coming week every class will have the opportunity for a special session working Jeh Kulu, and everything will culminate in a series of performances next Friday afternoon.   Jeh Kulu will also perform at the PTO International Potluck dinner which will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 at SCS.

This performance is paid for from the Gus Mercaldo grant - a fund that was created with fund left in the will of this beloved ex-Principal of the Community School.   A huge thank you goes out to our Social Emotional Learning committee that organized the event, and especially to 5th grade teachers Vasanthi Meyette and Monique Tetrault who did much of the heavy lifting to make this happen.

Here are a few other pics from the day:

This Wed many of our 8th graders also took their first mid-term exams ever - and Madame Deslauriers and Donia Kelley report that they did a fantastic job - congratulations to everyone for their hard work in preparing this high school level exam.   Appropriately once they had shown that they are on their way to being almost ready for high school - the CVU counselors paid us a visit on Thursday to give everyone an overview of the school and start them thinking about freshman year classes.   Hard to believe but graduation and the boat dance will be here before we know it on June 9.
Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful long weekend.  I'll close with a quote from Martin Luther King - something I hope we all pause to remember on Monday:  

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