Monday, February 15, 2016

Vasanthi Meyette is our VEHI Wellness Rock Star!

VEHI Wellness Rockstar!  Vasanthi Meyette was crowned 2016 VEHI Wellness Rockstar for the state of Vermont!  Vasanthi was chosen from a pool of 250 applicants.  She is being recognized for her efforts as “a champion for wellness for adults, going above and beyond, epitomizing wellness in spite of all the typical barriers, is active, eats healthy, is positive, helps others, and generally sets a good example”.  Vasanthi has been on our Wellness Committee for over five years and is instrumental in organizing our Wellness Faculty Meetings and staff breakfasts.  She has helped plan fit stations for the Snelling Playground and has worked with FEED to provide healthy food choices in our cafeteria.  A bit CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 VEHI Wellness Rockstar--our own--Vasanthi!

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