Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SCS Student Bulletin #1 March 24

As a community service project - one of our 8th graders, Kaytlyn Young, will be producing a series of bulletins that we will post here for updates about what is happening around the school. We hope that you enjoy her work and that it helps you better know some of the great things that are happening at SCS!
Mix It Up
Every year, each middle school class gets paired with an elementary school class to have the opportunity to hang out with them.  This event happens three times a year and each class is paired with the same class they had before. Some middle school classes will be paired with kindergarteners, like my own class. The reason for ‘Mix It Up Day’ is to form better relationships between middle school and the elementary School students. Some of the activities that are shared between the classes are coloring in a drawing book, board games and walks.

Mix It Up Day.jpg

Volley Ball Game
On Wednesday, March 9 the Shelburne Community School’s Volleyball team coached by Kelli Magneir and Chris Boget played a game at Williston. There were three rounds. The first two rounds were Shelburne against Williston, Williston winning each round. In the last round Both Shelburne Teams played against each other. In the end, Williston beat Shelburne by two rounds while Shelburne won, or lost, a game against themselves.

Pi Day Hoopla
During the evening of Pi Day, March 14, 2016, the Shelburne Community School eighth grade basketball players went against the school’s faculty in their final game. The game was from 3:30 until 4:30 pm in the gymnasium. The game lasted an hour with a back and forth score between the different teams. In the end the teachers won against the students with a score of 54 teachers and 41 students. Even though this game went to the teachers, both sides did their best and were able to pull off an amazing finale basketball game, enjoyed greatly by the audience and players filled with good sportsmanship, excited cheers and smiles.

Pi Day Hoopla.jpg

Camp Cody  
The Shelburne Community School Band and Choir are putting on a silent auction during their annual Cabaret Night performance and fundraiser. One of the items is a generous opportunity for a full 2-week overnight session to Camp Cody in New Hampshire. Camp Cody is a summer camp for kids ages 7 to 15. Tution is usually $3,500; bidding opens at $1,500. Community members who wish to send a bid may email their bids to Marge Serisky margebs@hotmail.com .  Visit https://campcody.com for more information about the camp.
Online bids must be placed prior to 5:00 pm on April 1st. The Band and Choir use the money raised during fundraising events to offer enriching musical and cultural experiences, such as the upcoming performance tour in the Greater Boston Area. You can learn more about the SCS Band and Choir by visiting http://scsmiddlemusic.blogspot.com and http://scsvt.org


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