Sunday, May 8, 2016

8th Grade Arts and Citizenship Dance Classes - another great personalization project @scslearns

A couple months ago Annabel, one of our wonderful 8th graders, approached me with the idea of creating a optional dance class for students.  She has been involved in dancing for many years and thought it would be a great community service project to share her passion with some of our younger students.  So she partnered with Jude Olson and together she has been able to create an optional PE opportunity with some of our 4th grade students.  Here is a short video with Annabel talking about her project:
click here if you can't see "5th grade Arts / Citizenship Dance Class

Then the monthly SCS newsletter, another student - Kaytlyn - is working as a reporting sharing information about interesting students and happenings around SCS.  Here is her report about Annabel's community service project.

For an Arts and Citizenship project, 8th grade student Annabel has been teaching a choreographed  dance class every Thursday afternoon for 4th graders. Annabel teaches a dance that she has choreographed herself, changing the dance style each week. The first class taught was Hip-hop, followed by this week’s Jazz piece.  Next week’s dance style will be Lyrical followed by another week of Hip-Hop. Fun games such as freeze-style will be included in the lessons.  Annabel has been dancing for 9 years and does many different styles 4 days a week at Urban Dance Complex.  She does Hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap and lyrical. Annabel is very excited to show her passion of dance to a 4th grade class.    Annabel reports about the class, “Teaching this class has been so much fun. We have been laughing and having lots and lots of fun. This has really helped me know what I want to be when I am older. I would like to open my own studio just like the one I go to now (Urban Dance Complex run by Sarah Cover). I am super excited to see the 4th graders next week.”

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