Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Construction has begun!!

Just in case anyone thinks SCS is a dull place once the teachers and students leave - no worry this year since Breadloaf Construction has arrived in force and our 9.25 million renovation has begun.   First up - repurposing our old computer lab and special education office area to make seven new classrooms, these need to be ready by Aug so that we can close off the old Winton / Alpha wing and really get to work.   Here are a few pics of the work as it moves on today.  
This sign greets you as you enter the library!

So these show what used to be the library computer lab - looking through what used to be wall right across from the boys bathroom - soon to be transformed into two new classrooms.

Thanks to Morway Moving - in a single day all of the non-fiction books and the shelves that held them were moved into the old makerspace - stored until August when the whole process will be reversed to be sure we have a functioning library for the first day of school.

 The packing continues - here Meg O'Donnell and Wendy Hallock team up to pack up Alpha - below is the shell of what used to be Meg's room
Not to be left out - this is Rue Kendricks kindergarten classroom - this side of the c-wing is also being transformed this summer to build 5 new kindergarten classrooms that will welcome SCS's newest students this fall.   Right now it's pulling up the old floor tile and prepping what used to be special education offices for demolition - hence the rapidly filling dumpsters of debris

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