Tuesday, July 26, 2016

High Speed Wall Demolition @scs

So we want to welcome a new contractor onsite - A. Tedesko Masonry arrived with a bang today - masonry saws, hammers and some muscle were no match for the student support room wall that needed a new entrance.  
Right outside the library - a new entrance to our new intensive needs student support center

In order to make room for the five new kindergarten classrooms, we have moved our intensive needs program to this more central location - a win / win for everyone but requiring just a little bit of wall busting to make it all flow smoothly.    I guess I should have expected that pounding block might know my camera a bit off kilter - but here's some time lapse footage of at least the first part of the project today - followed by some clear footage of dust collecting on top of our lockers :-)  Next up will be putting a new window in for the new classroom in C Wing that lacks one right now.    I know it looks messy - but rest assured we are still 100% on target to be ready for kids in these new spaces on August 31.   Enjoy the heat while we have it!    Allan

Click here if you can't see "Wall demo for new door"

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