Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1 SCS Construction Update

As we wrap up another great construction week and prepare for our July 4 long weekend -  I thought I would share a few video walkthroughs of the three spaces where most of our renovation work is happening right now.   First of course I want to show off the latest addition to my SCS wardrobe - the Breadloaf Construction hardhat - mandatory for me to be able to venture outside the safe confines of my office :-)

If you can't see "July 1 construction overview" click here

Here is a look at the space where we will be constructing 2 new classrooms in the space where our special education offices used to be located.
Since all of our special educators now function as members of teaching teams, their offices are now located in those team spaces so they can be an integral, connected part of their classrooms. This space will house two kindergarten classes in the fall.

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Here is a look at the space where Amy Hazen's kindergarten classroom was this fall - the entire Journey space that included the old Alpha kitchen is being renovated to provide 3 new classrooms - in the fall these will house two K classrooms as well as one middle school classroom.

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For our final walkthrough - I'm really excited to show the work that is happening in the back of the library where the computer lab used to be.   We are adding two classrooms to this space, for next year these will be general middle school classrooms and when the renovation is complete these will be our world language classrooms.   Much of the work is hidden in the ceiling - with preparations for new ducting to support air conditioning in the library / classrooms so that we have teaching spaces that are useful even in the middle of the summer.

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And this is just the preliminaries to the real meat of the renovation project which is the complete reconstruction of the D and E middle school wings.   As you can see in the pictures below, the Alpha wing is completely cleaned out and we will soon to begin to gut this interior to create two new four classroom pods.

And just to assure the Shelburne taxpayers in all of us that we are doing our best to stretch our dollars as far as possible, you might note that we are salvaging the expensive flotex floor tiling that we added to the D wing just a couple years ago - it's a surface that we love and it is the flooring of choice throughout the building due to great air quality advantages.  These will be reinstalled in the new classrooms in August - saving the school over $10,000.   Here is a look at that salvage work in progress this week:

Hope that everyone has a fantastic fourth of July weekend - Allan

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