Tuesday, July 12, 2016

World Record Wall building week - July 12 SCS Construction update

So this week I want to highlight what must be two new world records - both of which are wall building efforts in support of the SCS renovation project.  The first wall is created from about 1500 carpet tiles that have been salvaged from the soon to be demolished D Wing for installation in our new C wing classrooms.   Two CVU seniors - Declan and Xander - have been scraping glue for the past two weeks and here they proudly stand behind their creation - the great wall of Alpha!  Tedious job - well done!

The second - and undoubtably another world record wall building effort - is highlighted in this absolutely unedited video of the insane efforts from the Chagnon Drywall framing team, taking our new C Wing bathroom spaces from empty to framed in just 25 seconds!  

So how does anyone keep track of all of this crazy high-speed work - fortunately the entire project is lead by our calm, collected and incredibly organized Project Supervisor from Breadloaf Construction - Mark Skeffington.     I caught him for a short interview out in the trailer / offices located behind the C Wing inside all that new chain-link fencing and gravel:

Click if you can't see July 12 Mark Skeffington Breadloaf Supervisor video

If you are doubting the speed of the work - then these next two videos might be worth your watch.  Remember it was just a week or so ago that our library and C Wing rooms looked like this:

Here is a look inside the C Wing today - 

click here if you can't see July 12 C Wing walkthrough

and here is look inside the library this afternoon

click here if you can't see July 12 Library walk-through

And while all this action is happening in the construction wings - our own SCS team led by new facilities director Chris Giard is hard at work getting every other classroom cleaned and ready for next month.  The entire B Wing has been deep cleaned in preparation for summer school which begins next Monday - and today the team was starting to put together the classrooms for the middle school teachers who are moving out of the D Wing so that it can be gutted in just a few weeks.   Here are a few shots of that team at work:

Hope you share our excitement - as step by step we see our building become an even better home for the great teachers and students of SCS!   Until next week - enjoy that summer heat they say is coming again!     Allan

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