Thursday, August 18, 2016

95% done and looking spectacular!!

It is so exciting to be able to share that this morning we received our certificate of occupancy for the library and renovated classrooms - give a huge cheer for the great teamwork that has made this summer an incredible journey.   If you would like an extended tour - here is a video I shot while making my evening hoverboard rounds last night, apologies that it is 9 minutes long but there is just so much to show that I just kept rolling :-)

Click here if you can't see Hover board tour II - almost done!

As we highlighted yesterday - most of the work moving forward is cleaning and set-up.  Yesterday's largest project was the installation of the two HVAC units that will provide air conditioning for the library and the two new classrooms we carved out of that space.  They are all installed as of this evening and tomorrow will be fired up for the first time - can't wait to share our "cool" library!
View from the Library roof as we prepare to hoist up the HVAC unit 
One of two A/C units - a final step to getting new classrooms ready for school
Inside the school - we are down to final touches, some paint here, electrical work there, etc.    Still alot of work to be done - but thanks to some superhero teachers and movers we are confident that things will come together.

Click here is you can't see Heidi - aka "Dash" video
Here are some pictures of each of the new rooms as they look today.
This is Rue Kendrick's new kindergarten room
This is Emily Vigneault's new kindergarten classroom coming together
This is Kim Elia's new kindergarten room
This is one of two new bathrooms right outside Kim and Emily's kindergartens
This is Amy Hazen's new kindergarten classroom

Here is Joplin James working to set up his new classroom
This is Lisa Phelp's new classroom  - home for Winton Science classes this year (complete with brand new window!)
Carly Bennett's new room - home for Winton Language Arts / Humanities classes this year (that entire wall is a whiteboard)
Sam Nelson's new classroom - home for Winton Social Studies / Humanities classes this year (also has a whiteboard wall)
And one last exciting change today - our first hint of the work to come as the partition wall closing off the D Wing began to go up this afternoon.  It's behind this wall that next week Breadloaf will begin gutting out everything in this wing so that construction can begin on the new designs - with the plan to be done before the end of the year!   Can't wait to share this work with everyone over the coming months!   

Sheetrock petition wall that will block off the old D Wing so construction can begin

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