Monday, August 15, 2016

Camp Invention

Camp Invention at SCS

Last week, over 40 children participated in a week of exploration and design.  Many thanks go out to Devon Morrill, our head counselor!
Here are some pictures to show you their work.

One group designed Cricko Bots...
and learned to move model crickets using solar panels.
The cricket houses

The team learns what most famous inventors have encountered, if your original idea doesn't work, try again, and again, and maybe, again.  Ideas need constant refinement. 

Lucy and her team share their designs
Another team learned about biological adaptations and used this knowledge to create an "Epic Park".
Designing ways to transport water

Throughout the week, students learned about many different topics including coding, demolition and rebuilding, and the behavior of squids, to name a few.
Thanks to our middle school students who help as Junior Counselors throughout the week
Inventors are messy!

It's very hot!  Time for some snacks to refuel our scientists.
A happy camper!  Hope to see you next year!

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