Monday, August 1, 2016

Construction is right on schedule!

 With between sometimes thirty plus workers from ten different contractors on site every day, Breadloaf Construction has these seven new classrooms rapidly coming together right before our eyes.   I was able to pull our Head Custodian Bob Miller away from cleaning and moving for a few minutes the other day to get his perspective on how things are going and how his team was doing putting the finishing touches on spaces and getting these classrooms set-up for kids over the coming weeks.   As he notes "the school will be ready - I'll guarantee that!"

Click here if you can't see "Finish on time?  You bet!!"

Here are just a few pictures of the progress that has been made in the last week.  If you watched the last post, it seemed like we were taking a big step backwards busting open a concrete block wall - well that has rapidly turned into the new doorway for our intensive needs program and the mess is gone!

Tedesco made quick work of our new doorway - now on to the new C Wing window opening
Our drywall team from Chagnon is nearly done, as is Jerry Bilodeau's taping team
new entry to C Wing classrooms and bathrooms
Inside one of the new C Wing classrooms - ready for priming, paint and ceiling
Now we can also welcome on board two new contractors who will be responsible for bringing these rooms together.   Finishing Touch Painting will be handling all of our priming and final coats - they just began last week with priming the walls of the new classrooms in the library and will quickly be moving into the C Wing as well.
One of the new library classrooms - painting has begun
New England Flooring is also handling all of our bathroom tiling and classroom flooring, and they have begun putting down the tile in the new bathrooms in the C Wing.
Floor tile for the bathrooms - then right up the walls!
We actually had someone come in last week asking about a rumor that school might have to open late, hopefully if you have heard that from anyone you can just share this post with them so they can have the real story that things are right on schedule.  We really look forward to welcoming students on Aug 31 into the first new classrooms at SCS in over twenty years!    And remember - this is just the beginning - soon to come will be 22 completely new classrooms in the D / E wings!   Those can start as soon as we have everyone moved out of D Wing in the next few weeks.

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