Thursday, August 4, 2016

Getting even closer - check out the progress!

One of the great things about working in a PK-8 school is that we are able to really appreciate the growth that takes place over time.   I love having a Kindergartner sit in front of our 8th graders at graduation so that they can truly appreciate just how far they have come in a relatively short period of years.
Noah (K) and Sasha (5th) helping send our 2016 graduates off to HS this past June
That certainly holds true with our summer construction - somedays you can walk through and since all the work is in the ceiling or behind the sheetrock you can wonder if anything is really getting done.   But take a look at this set of pictures highlighting just how far we have come since the end of June and I bet you can really appreciate the transformation that has been happening in these spaces.

First - the new library classrooms.  This was the space on June 30 after Breadloaf removed all of the shelving and the computer lab in preparation for making two new middle school classrooms.

standing in the old entrance to the library computer lab
looking through the new door cut into the library, where the new classroom will be
 This is what these two spaces look like today - the library is ready for the lights / ceiling to be reinstalled and soon the bookshelves will be reassembled so they are full and ready for checking out books that first week of school.   The classrooms are being painted, the ceilings and lights being replaced and soon afterwards the doors and flooring will add their final touches.
looking in the same door opening as above, this is one of two new classrooms created from that library space
Here is the view from the library - the new wall is painted and soon books will be here on their shelves
A similar transformation has happened in what used to be a collection of partitioned special education offices in the C Wing.   Here is a view of those spaces back in June when demolition was just beginning.
Old office spaces before demolition - this is the site of the two new C Wing bathroom
That same space after demolition with trenches dug for bathroom drains
That same space today with a new bathroom right outside the entryway from the C Wing hallway
The interior of one of our two new bathrooms right outside the K classrooms - tile in progress
Work is also progressing well on putting a new window into the block wall where one of the new C Wing classrooms didn't have any exterior window.  This should be done by next week and that room will be ready for ceiling, painting and flooring as well.

Tedesko Masonry cutting a new window into the reconfigured C Wing spaces
 So we continue to click along with our summer work - and hope that everyone is able to enjoy a bit of a pause before we come back together for another great school year in about four weeks.   I do have to admit that my family is doing just that as we take our August vacation.  Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to this past week as we revisit good friends and make a few new memories in Alaska.     See you all soon!
Fishing in Kenai Fjords with halibut bigger than Sasha (confession - Chris caught it but we got 10 of our own)
Hiking Mt Marathon in Seward with Mac, friend Anna and Xander - 70 degrees and 20 hours of sunshine
Never seen this before!   Duo humpback whale flukes in Kachemak Bay - prepping for Rio synchonized swimming?    

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