Monday, August 29, 2016

Kindergarteners and their families first to see our new classrooms!

This afternoon was the proud unveiling of our five new Kindergarten classrooms - with our annual K Bus round-up and Open House.    I have to say there might not be anything more exciting as an administrator in an Elementary School than welcoming a new group of students for their first ever school experience - and what a special treat to have it also be the first ever gathering in these new rooms.
This is Amy Hazen's new room full of excited parents and new students
Same story right next store in Rue Kendrick's renovated room
Down the hall with Kim Elia's new collection of parents and kindergartners
And her neighbor Emily Vigneault welcomes her new class and parents
Last but definitely not the least is Treehouse Central - Joplin James new classroom in full swing
Not quite as exciting as a room full of 5 year olds - but Sam Nelson's Winton classroom is ready to go!
And so is Carly Bennett's new classroom, even boasting Capt Jean Luc ready for her Winton Language Arts lessons
Meanwhile up on the roof - construction continues as A.C. Hathorne, our roofing contractor continues to wrap up their work above these new C Wing classrooms.  Then they will continue on to the library and then the D Wing, assuring that our newly renovated rooms have the security of a new roof above them to prevent leaks.   That work will continue as long as weather allows - eventually giving us over 122,000 square ft of new tapered insulation and membrane keeping us dry and warm this winter.

New tapered insulation going on right above our new K classrooms - no more rooftop pools every rainstorm!!
Getting ready to fasten down the waterproof membrane - love these sunny days to keep the work moving
 And just in case you thought things were wrapping up now that school is in session and those seven classrooms are finished, that was really just the appetizer.  The main dish is the work on the D and E wings, and demolition of the interior of the D Wing is just about to begin.  This week Breadloaf removed a window and built a new entrance / exit to the wing that will allow us to keep the student part of the building completely separate from any of their work.
View from the C Wing looking at the new construction entrance into the D Wing
Soon the interior walls literally will come tumbling down making way for the creation of 8 classrooms, 2 learning commons, 1 project room and various offices, bathrooms and meeting places.   You can bet there are many updates to come over the next few months.   Until then - time to start school!

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