Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pickling Party Pictures (say that 3 times fast)

Welcome to our pickling party!

A few days ago on our blog you may have watched the video of Becky Mashak, our Food Service Director, share some of the fun foods we are making to add to the lunch menu this year.
She mentioned a pickling party.  
Here are the pictures from Ms. Garvey's and Miss Blair's class helping Erica Frey-Delaportas, our FEED liason and gardener extraordinaire, and Becky, helping some students as they processed the cucumbers they had planted last spring.

We made 10 batches of Crispy Dill Pickles!

What better way to spend quality time than peeling (pretty stinky) garlic cloves with your son?

The cucumbers are washed and ready for processing.

Helping with the food processing was pretty exciting!

With all these freshly picked tomatoes, we decided we also had to make some salsa!

Pickling is a hard job!

We need more copies of this recipe for everyone to bring home!
Team Dreams would love to hear what you think of their pickles and salsa!

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