Monday, August 29, 2016

Seven Videos with our new teachers

As we prepare to kick off our new school year - we are so excited to welcome seven new teachers to our team.   Over the past few days I was able to grab a minute with each of them answering two questions - "how was your summer?" and "how are you feeling as we get ready to kick off the new school year?"

First up is Mary Nelson who is returning to SCS after teaching at Allenbrook School in Williston last year.  Mary will be teaching some of our 1st-3rd grade PE classes this year, filling some of the void left with Jason Lewis' retirement:

Click if you can't see "new" SCS K-3 PE Teacher

Our PE Department also welcomes Kelly Spreen who will be teaching our middle school PE classes this year.    Last year Kelly taught PE at Brewster Pearce School in Huntington and Smilie School in Bolton.  She also will be co-teaching our Skills4Life classes since she recently acquired her VT health educator certification.

Click if you can't see "Meet our new PE teacher"

We have two new K-5 teachers to welcome.  The first is Leah Castrovillari who will be taking over 2nd grade while Kristen Mendel is off on leave for the year.    Leah is coming to us after teaching last year in Boston.

Click if you can't see "Meet our new 2nd grade teacher"

Although she isn't a newcomer to SCS having worked for the past seven years as one of our paraprofessionals, Stephanie Kozikowski is moving into her first teaching position as a member of our third grade team.  We expanded this grade level to five teachers this year in response to an enrollment that has grown to over ninety-five students.

Click if you can't see "Meet our new 3rd grade teacher"

Our special education department is excited to welcome Lindsay Sanderson, who will be teaming with our fourth grade teachers to provide support for students on IEP's and 504's.  Lindsay did a full year internship with us last year on the middle school Alpha Team, and we were so impressed with her work that we invited to join our team full time this year.

Click if you can't see "meet our newest Special Educator"

We also have two teachers joining the SCS staff in new support positions.  First is Nancy Radley, who will be providing special support to K-2 students specifically in reading as part of our new Title 1 program.  This is a federal program that provides schools with a significant number of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch additional monies to support students living in low income situations.   This is the first year that SCS demographics have changed to the point that we now qualify for this additional level of support, and we are excited that our students will be able to benefit from Nancy's years of expertise in focused reading instruction.

Click if you can't see "Meet our new Title 1 reading teacher

Last but definitely not least, we welcome Brett DiVenere who joins our staff of Instructional Coaches to guide our work in behavior supports.   Teaming with our guidance counselors and planning room staff, Brett will work with teachers to assist them in developing effective strategies for helping students with challenging behaviors become more successful in their classrooms.   Brett actually worked at SCS 11 years ago as a paraprofessional so some of you may remember him?

click if you can't see "Meet our new Behavior Coach"

With school kicking off this Wednesday - I can attest that these seven have been hard at work preparing for our SCS students to come back.   If you happen to see Brett, Kelly, Mary, Nancy, Stephanie, Lindsay or Leah in the hallway - please give them a warm welcome to our community.  

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