Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Three weeks - but who's counting??

So in just three weeks summer vacation will come to a bittersweet end and the 2016/17 school year will begin on Wednesday August 31.  As promised our construction work is coming together nicely - with the new Kindergarten classrooms and bathrooms getting most of their final touches this week.
New K bathrooms with freshly grouted tile and fixtures set in place
Flooring, painting and ceiling almost done in Rue Kendrick's room
Masonry work on the exterior of the new window for Lisa Phelp's classroom
We also began a new aspect of the project this week - welcoming A.C Hathorne as our roofing contractor to add tapered insulation and a new membrane to a large section of our leaky roofing this fall.  
Delivery of the new insulation began this week
This roof above the library and C Wing is where work began this week, assuring there are no leaks on the new construction
One story from our continuing vacation - yesterday we spent the day on the Kenai River with a good friend who is a professional fishing guide.   Even though no one in our family is a skilled fisherman (Sasha had never even been on the river), Donny showed up with all the equipment and teaching skill needed to have us quickly catching silvers, pinks and even one king.   The experience so reminded me of the powerful impact the great team of SCS teachers and support staff will soon have on our 780 students - their teaching skill combined with great lessons (and even renovated classrooms) will soon have everyone diving into exciting new learning - hopefully enjoying a new "catch" every single day with a smile on their faces while they work - in just 21 days :-)    See you soon - Allan
Enjoying some of the fishing bounty of Alaska

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