Monday, August 22, 2016

What's new in the SCS cafeteria?

So as we start to kick off the new year, we thought we should share an ongoing series of blog posts sharing all that you might want to know about various parts of life at SCS?  Having to feed over 800 students each day is no small task - but something that our Food Service Director Becky Mashak and her great team do with seeming ease, providing both tasty breakfasts and lunches every single day.   Here is a short interview with Becky where she answers my question - "what's new in the cafeteria this year?"

Click here if you can't see "Welcome back to the SCS Cafeteria"

So lots to look forward to - the continued expansion of our Farm to School efforts that will feature fresh produce from our own FEED gardens, a new potato bar, and the continuation of our increasingly popular breakfast program.   In case you missed the parent handbook (here's a link:  SCS Parent / Family Handbook 2016/17) here is a summary of the info about the food service program that can be found on page 36.

● Monthly Menu:
       ○ A menu for August and September is available at this link and will be posted to the blog and the website at the end of each month.  Click here for our current menu:   September SCS Menus
       ○ The price of a student lunch is $3.00, milk is 50 cents, and breakfast is $1.75.

● Student Identification Numbers:
        ○ All students have a 6 digit student identification number. This number is used when
purchasing any items from the cafeteria - teachers can share this number with students
        ○ We will continue to use our digital touchpad scanner for billing identification.
        ○ We would ask you to help your child memorize this number as early in the school year as

● Electronic Payment System:
        ○ We encourage everyone to use the web based smart pay system Please
visit this site every month to check your child’s balance, which will prevent your account from
going dormant. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Mashak 802-383-1112 or to find out your child's lunch balance.
       ○ If a school account is overdrawn, at $5.00 an email is sent home, at $10.00 or more a letter from the administrator is sent home. Shelburne Food Service is not in a position to extend credit for meal charges. As a result any student whose negative balance exceeds $50 will be limited to a bag lunch from the cafeteria.
       ○ Any accounts continuing to be overdrawn by more than $20.00 will be referred to administration for resolution.

● Free and or Reduced Cost Breakfast and Lunch are available to qualified families
        ○ Applications for free and reduced meals, based on financial need are available in the office throughout the year. All information on these forms is held in the strictest confidence.  Please call Patty Spagnolo at 383-1119 if you need this paperwork.  

● Visiting:
        ○ Parents and guardians are welcome to join your student for lunch anytime! Please sign into
the building following the procedures outlined above, and go to your child’s classroom to walk
up with them.  We do not allow school-age friends or relatives to visit the classrooms or
cafeteria during the school day.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact Becky at or CoPrincipal Pati Beaumont at   We look forward to another delicious year in our cafeteria!

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