Saturday, September 24, 2016

10 Things You Might Not Know About the PTO Fall Fundraiser!

1.     It’s happening now!  Packets went home on 9/16 and order forms are due to teachers on October 10th.

2.     It’s still the fundraiser that brings in the most money for your child’s team.  Our goal is to raise over $9,000 to for field trips, classroom materials, supplies, equipment and enrichment activities.  When you, your family, neighbors or co-workers make a purchase, up to half of the selling price is going right back to the PTO.  80% of the proceeds then go right back to the teams and 20% is split to support Unified Arts and other PTO activities. 

3.     It’s an opportunity to foster the SCS values of contributing positively to the community and involved citizenship at home outside of the classroom.  SCS kids care about giving back and SCS teachers generate excitement around participation simply so that they can afford the materials and experiences that will enhance each child’s education.

4.     Orders can be placed online! Click “Email Family and Friends” at using school code 5919 and all online orders will be shipped directly to the recipient.  Your child and his/her team will get credit for online orders.

5.     Funds are really needed more than ever during construction.  Shifting and new classrooms mean increased requests for classroom supplies and materials.

6.     Your child’s participation at any level is appreciated and rewarded.  Kids who send 5 emails through the Genevieve’s website get recognized in the morning announcements and a fun keychain.  Other prizes are detailed in the packets and include bowling and laser tag at Spare Time.  The students on the team with the greatest percentage of participation will each receive one additional free entry into the Dynamic Dates fundraiser in the spring.

7.     The more we raise, the less pressure we put on teachers to spend out of their own pockets.  K-12 teachers spend an average of nearly $500 out of their own pockets to cover supplies for their classrooms while parent contributions are declining (HYPERLINK TO 

8.     This fundraiser is a prompt to make direct donations to teams and to the PTO annual fund.  In addition to or in lieu of participating in this fundraiser, you can also make a donation of any amount to the PTO directly (made payable to the SCS PTO), or a donation of up to $50 directly to your child’s team (made payable to SCS and given directly to your child’s teacher). 

9.     Pick up will take place on November 16 at the Boy Scout Barn near SCS.  Your child’s incentives and prizes will be delivered with their orders.

10. We’re here to help!  If you have any questions, or need more packets or order forms, feel free to contact us:

Jen Cairns, Co-Chair                                                 Meagan Downey, Co-Chair                            
802-985-9317                                                             773-501-9363

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