Friday, September 16, 2016

D Wing interior almost gone and Phase 1 Roof work almost done!

So this morning I got a rooftop tour from our Project Manager Tom Barden - looks great although I have to admit it was a distressing to discover the we had frost last night!  Seriously I almost slipped and fell on a piece of ice on the new membrane - wasn't it 90 degrees just a few days ago, guess that is fall in Vermont.   So on the roof things look great - probably just a week or so before the entire C wing as well as the library, new classrooms and all of the administration offices have three to four inches of new tapered insulation as well as a complete new membrane covering.
Ten feet above the library - putting down the new insulation on a beautiful day!
If you have enjoyed the new climate control in the library and new classrooms - thanks goes to this new rooftop HVAC unit
Some work to come - putting the new curbs around the library skylights as well as adding two in our new classrooms
Inside the main work continues to be getting the D Wing ready to rebuild - with Breadloaf knocking out the last few walls and cleaning out the debris.  It's still not quite ready for any hoverboard practice - but soon going to be a perfect site to get back to the that training!  

This is what is left of the corridor wall as well as Rachel Petraska's old office

Looking from inside Rachel's old office down the hallway where Winton used to be 
Coming soon - removal of several tons of metal that is the 1967 air handler 
This is standing in the hallway looking into what used to be Leigh Petrucelli's Alpha classroom - long gone
How are we able to live without these spaces - thanks to the incredible flexibility of all of our staff, especially the middle school teams who are packed together into one wing while their new spaces are being built.  Our world language teachers - Madame Deslauriers and Donia Kelley also get medals of honor - living this year teaching from a cart as they move from classroom to classroom without a home.  Friday is their day where they can settle into our art classrooms.  
Madame shares some test results in the middle of our 3-5 art room 
Donia offers some support for an online Spanish project in our 6-8 art room today
It may be a bit tight - but it's also been a great first three weeks of school and thanks to some great cooperation things are flowing and students are learning even while all the construction goes on.  In fact - many people have commented that if you didn't know it was happening - as you walk through the school you really can't tell all the great work that is happening above and behind our temporary walls.   Can't wait to share once we get to start to put it all back together.   Until next week - au revoir.

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