Wednesday, September 7, 2016

D Wing Interior Demolition has begun!!

With all of our Phase 1 work of upgrading some new classrooms so we could relocate everyone, it is now time for SCS to really begin the work - the complete interior gutting and rebuilding of the two 1967 wings of the building known as the D and the E Wings.   If you had visited us just one year ago - this is what you would have seen - classrooms with no doors, open to the corridor and all the sound / interruptions.   As you can imagine - it was quite a chore to move everything and everyone to new locations in the building but thanks to our incredible maintenance team - it was all completed in time to start school last week.
The Winton Science classroom

The Alpha meeting room
Our ultimate goal is to rebuild this wing to house two middle school teams in this configuration that was designed by our architects, Dore and Whittier.

Above is the layout that will be created to replace these "open classrooms"  - just to be clear "learning space" is how we are referring to classrooms, each of which will be a fully enclosed classroom with doors, opening onto a central "learning commons" that is also separated from the single side corridor by doors.  The wing also has a centrally located "project space" available to both teams, specifically designed to support hands-on learning for both groups and individuals.  The vision for the "project space" is a flexible classroom for potentially messy work that might include everything from science experiments requiring lab type space, creative / artistic work, mechanical work requiring hand tools, or even food prep utilizing elements of small kitchen including sinks and a stove.   The wing also includes smaller breakout rooms for individual and small group support, conferences with students and families, as well as additional single stall gender neutral bathrooms accessible both in the hallway as well as in the learning commons.

But in order to get there - it requires making a bit of a mess and that is what has begun this week.   If you'd like to take a three minute walkthrough of the demolition in progress - here you go.  I really wanted to get some more practice on my hoverboard - but unfortunately it would take far more expertise than I can muster to survive the mess!  

Here are also a few still pictures of the demolition:
This is standing right where that Alpha meeting room was located
Looking back from the end of the wing towards the library
Looking down the old Winton hallway towards the science room that was at that back wall
Breadloaf Construction is doing the majority of the demolition, but we did have a special team that took on one of the old walls.   Afterschool this week our middle school staff gathered to write a few remembrances on the wall - then donned our hard hats, OSHA eye protection and did our best to hammer it to the ground.   Here is a timelapse video of this team's work:

Click here if you can't see D Wing Wall Demolition

Success - here is what was left at the end of our work!

We know it's messy - but what great project isn't.   We expect that in the space of the next couple weeks the demolition will be complete at which time we can begin to share what promises to be some really exciting work building our future at SCS!  Stay tuned - much more to come!

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