Friday, September 23, 2016

D Wing - ready, set, go!!

This week officially marks the beginning of the reconstruction of the D Wing - work that will be complete by our vacation at the end of February, 2017.   While the few last remaining walls are torn down on either end of this now vast cavern - Vermont Concrete Cutters and Breadloaf began the cutting and digging of the trenches that will hold the plumbing for new bathrooms, classroom sinks and drainage.   Sitting right smack in the middle of the wing - where just a few months ago Winton and Alpha students were studying, now sits a small excavator ready to do some trenching.   
Sure beats a pick and shovel - should make quick work of the 100+ feet of trenching
Removing the 1967 window frames to let the excavator drive into the D Wing
Many tons of concrete slabs were pulled cutting these trenches for the new bathrooms
Just one pile of the slabs that were cut out by Vermont Concrete Cutting - nice weightlifting project
After a week of pounding and drilling above our heads - the new roof is on above the main office area.  I know it's out of site, but beautiful to know that those leaky, drippy days are behind us!   Next they will move on the D Wing - assuring that our new wing is both energy efficient with additional inches of insulation as well as a new leakproof membrane. 

Sunglasses recommended - this new white membrane might be the brightest spot in Vermont!

Up above D wing - work has begun replacing the insulation and the membrane
Breadloaf is busy bringing all of our new contractors online and preparing to begin the work in earnest.   I look forward to sharing what promises to be pretty rapid and exciting changes over the next couple months.   Until next week . . .   

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