Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Imagine Afterschool Program - off to a great start!

So if you happen to swing by SCS after 3 PM when in theory school is over - know what you would find?   Every day we have almost 100 students enrolled in our Imagine Afterschool Program and you will find them throughout the building playing games, reading, doing art projects or even doing some homework.   Here are a few pictures I snapped during my walk-around this afternoon:
Choice play-time in the cafeteria
A game of chess in the Clubhouse

Sharing collections with friends

Art projects in the Clubhouse
Some homework time for a few of our older students

Some creation time in the cafeteria

I was also able to grab our two co-directors Amanda Bachman and Aris Touloumtzis for a couple short interviews - here is their take on how the year has started out for their programs.

Click here if you can't see "Meet IAS CoDirector Amanda"

If you are interested in learning more about this afterschool program that operates at SCS five days per week from school closing until 6 PM, and also provides vacation camp opportunities for those weeks when school is closed, check out their website at        

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