Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Indoor electric excavator - how can you not love that toy!

Today was clearly an example of having the right tool for the job - as Breadloaf wrapped up digging out a couple hundred feet of trenching for the new D Wing waste lines in less than 6 hours.  Here's a few pictures of the outcome of that work.
Yes I did ask - but the answer was "no you can't try it for even one scoop" 
All ready for the plumbers to come right in and lay down the drainage pipe
This would have been a pretty back-breaking pick and shovel job
Another pretty big milestone is the removal of all of the walls including the old project rooms at the ends of the old Winton and Alpha wings.  In the new design these block walls will be the sides of two new classrooms, with windows added to provide some natural light in this end of the wings.   All that is left to remove is the old ceiling duct work and a few cubbies and the demolition is complete in this end.
Where that small ladder sits will be a wall between two new classrooms - where the old project rooms were
Looking back from that wall gives a real sense of how big these wings are - plenty of room for two middle school teams
No projects is without it's errors - today we had an afternoon surprise firedrill when a contractor accidentally soaked a smoke detector triggering the alarms.   Fortunately Charlotte and Shelburne FD both gave us a quick response and we were able to get everything sorted out in less than 30 minutes.   Fortunately it's a drill we've already rehearsed and with such great kids it was really just a nice little break out in the sunshine.    Up this weekend - removing the massive ventilation system - going to be a bit loud so fortunately Breadloaf was able to schedule that work when we weren't trying to teach right next door.   I look forward to sharing some pictures of that project next week.

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