Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jeannie and Annette - lifesavers from the SCS tech cave!

You may have heard your son or daughter remark that during the day they had to go to "the cave" - and perhaps it conjured thoughts of a dark, musty place in a creepy corner of an SCS subterranean world.
Could be an interesting renovation concept - but probably not :-)
Fortunately our "cave" is much less sinister than anything from a Batman movie, it's simply the place where Jeannie and Annette, our SCS Computer Technicians, spend their days making sure that all of our technology works seamlessly to support the learning teachers and students are engaged in.  They've had an incredibly busy first few weeks of school - and I was lucky to catch them willing to take a break for a short interview.

Click if you can't see "Jeannie and Annette - the secret of "the cave"

So from glitchy wi-fi to burned out motherboards to remounting projectors in all of our new classrooms, Jeannie and Annette are a huge part of keeping it all running smoothly.  We're lucky to have such a great tech team and appreciate all the work they do from their "cave."    So this week if you happen to walk by their grotto (just down the hall from the library) - be great to drop in and share a big thank you for all they do behind the scenes.

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