Friday, September 9, 2016

Learning to luge - actively and collaboratively

This Friday our new middle school PE teacher, Kelly Spreen teamed up with the US Luge team to provide the Winton 6th graders with the unique opportunity to give luge a try.   Key to making it happen was Winton 8th grader Gavin Shamis, himself a member of the Jr. Development Team - who spent time with the class earlier this week demonstrating the sport and then teamed up with his Coach and some teammates to help everyone master a slalom course on their wheel sleds.   
It's all downhill from here - the ramp start
Coach Fred, Gavin and two Junior National Team members provide some tips for that first ride

This was the challenge - navigate the slalom course setup at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds
Gavin offers some last minute advice before pushing off
Really - you mean we are going to ride this thing down that hill?
After a few runs - lots of confidence and swagger from these lugers
Sure helps to catch a ride with an expert!
Click here to see what a great run looks like!

Click here to hear from three of our new lugers

So why would we take a morning to do this?   I find the answer in the first line of our mission statement where we see that our goal is to develop citizens who learn actively and collaboratively.   The excitement and sense of accomplishment that was all over the faces of these students at the bottom of the hill as they realized that they could actually do what seemed complicated and frightening at the top -  is exactly how we hope they learn to approach important challenges throughout their lives.   

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