Sunday, September 11, 2016

Meet Amy Sayre - our SCS SAP

We are excited to welcome back Amy Sayre - Shelburne's Student Assistance Professional (SAP) - for another great year working with our middle school students as well as our fourth and fifth graders.  Our SAP plays multiple support roles in our school including co-teaching our Skills4Life classes that focus on social-emotional skill building, facilitating our student LEAD group (Leadership Education the AntiDrug), and working with individual students and their families around substance abuse concerns.   Her office is located in the new "narrow" corridor next to the D Wing construction near the new library classrooms and she can easily be reached at   I caught with Amy on Friday for this short interview:

Click here if you can't see "Meet Amy Sayre - our SAP"

There will soon be posters and morning announcements sharing when the LEAD group will have their first meeting in the next couple weeks and we hope that many middle schoolers will be interested in joining this club.  Last year they were responsible for organizing Red Ribbon Week, for undertaking a "Sticker Shock Campaign," and for organizing several positive school climate initiatives around bullying prevention and showing empathy to peers.   They also were instrumental in organizing an 8th grade end of the year celebration at Northern Lights Rock and Ice climbing center.   Can't wait to see what great ideas they can bring to fruition this year.  

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