Sunday, September 18, 2016

Some fun pictures from the past week

Pete Boardman teaching a Kindergarten class cave art
Fifth graders in Pam's class reading together
Fifth graders reading in science
Kindergarten students in Mrs. Kendrick's class share an alphabet book 
After only 3 weeks in school, these Kindergarten students are following our school wide expectation of working collaboratively

Mrs. Tetreault helping a student find a "Just Right Book" during free reading time
Fifth graders enjoying science!
Kindergarteners eating lunch for the first time in the cafeteria
Lunch is a busy time!  Middle school students help supervise our Kindergarteners as they navigate their first lunch in the cafeteria.  Our PK-8 community school provides children the opportunity to form relationships across the grades. 
Joplin's class demonstrates multiple ways to make 8 using their fingers
Joplin demonstrating "adding one more" to 10 on the eleventh day of school

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