Sunday, September 18, 2016

Team-Building - Alpha's beachfront start to the year

Each of our three middle school teams recognizes the importance of starting a new school year with a focus on building new relationships and helping the 6th graders quickly feel welcomed and become part of their new team.  On Alpha - this work is done through a full team activity at Shelburne Beach, with activities organized by the 8th graders to share team values with their teammates.   Here are a few highlights from the day.
The 2016/17 Alpha Team - what a great looking group!
Here is a summary of the day by Henry and Joey:

This year Alpha took our annual orientation to Shelburne Beach on Monday, September 12th. The purpose of our orientation is to welcome and teach the 6th graders about Alpha. It is also helpful for everyone to learn a little about each other.  The Alpha 8th graders took several weeks to prepare different stations that connect to Alpha. Each station had a game that was connected to a team identified trait such as Teamwork, Leadership, Trust, Dedication, Problem Solving, and Perseverance. All the 6th and 7th graders split into groups and went through all the stations. By the end of the day the purpose is that they know more about Alpha and learn new skills to help them in middle school. During the orientation we also played fun games like Capture the Flag and Island Tag which helped us build teamwork. Overall, everyone had a good time and it was a successful trip.

One problem game created by the 8th graders for their younger classmates
The 8th grade Alpha Class - at Oakledge Park for their leadership retreat where the beach day planning begins

What is leadership - this activity challenged teammates to explore this important theme

Teamwork and collaboration - this team helped classmates explore this essential element of any group work

Trust - an essential element of all healthy relationships, this team explored that idea

Dedication - helping teammates understand the need to commit in order to succeed
As you can see from both bright sunshine as well as the bright smiles - it was a fantastic day for everyone.  We especially appreciate the commitment and hard work of our 8th graders - a great way to start off their final year at SCS - thanks for your dedication to the ideals of your team!

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