Saturday, September 24, 2016

Team-building - Holden's Ropes Course adventures

It's a common theme at the beginning of the year on all of our middle school teams - helping students connect with new teachers and friends through a variety of personal and group challenges.   Last Wednesday the Holden Team headed over to Northern Lights Rock and Ice Adventure Center to share an exciting day with all of their students.  Here are a few highlight pictures:
The Holden Team - 2016/17
Working across the forty foot high bridges together

Mrs. O'Toole working her way up the cargo net
Some high-climbing group work crossing the chasm

You want us to get over there with just this rope??
Success - nothing left except a zipline all the way down!

One wild ride back to the base - mission accomplished
The day will serve as a foundation for relationships that we hope will continue to grow throughout the year - certainly was a day full of opportunities to push beyond limits and enjoy the pride of accomplishing challenges together.   In response to see pictures from the day, one of the team teacher's Diana Rich tweeted:  Quote from one of our learners last week "We aren't team building.. WE ARE BUILDING A TEAM!." So proud of these Holden House learners! Nothing beats a good strong start!

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