Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thanks Shelburne Fire Department - another great fire prevention day at SCS!

In terms of learning that potential could make a huge difference in a student's life - it is hard to top the impact of our Fire Safety Day.  Once again thanks to the leadership of Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief of the Shelburne Fire Department and over a dozen of his fellow volunteers all of our students - from our 4 year old EEE's to our middle schoolers had a very educational day.   Here are a few highlights -
Ms Hertz - undercover fire-fighter extraordinaire!
You guessed it - teaching us to "stop, drop and roll" when our pants are on fire!
learning to crawl under the smoke in the practice house
EEE Students check out the restored original Shelburne Fire Truck 
Some Future Firefighters try on their new fire hats
This is one beautiful truck we will let park in our fire lane anyday!!
Shelburne Rescue provided our middle schoolers with a CPR lesson
Showing off the engine and some of the emergency extraction tools
Middle Schoolers also learned how to operate a home fire extinguisher - putting out a trash can fire
I had the chance to talk with three middle schoolers today as we went over to Town Hall to begin to organize their community service (I'll post more about that in a few weeks!).   Driving by the Fire Hall they brought up yesterday's events.   Comments included "I never knew how to use a fire extinguisher - that helped" to "I'm really glad I learned about CPR, I hadn't had a chance to do that before" to "that's always been one of my favorite days" - unsolicited support for a great day!   Thanks to Jim and his team for making it happen for all of us - we so appreciate their time and especially knowing that they are there for us should we ever need them.   

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