Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ask about Stone Soup!!

So today was the culmination of our FEED Stone Soup project and everyone was offered the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of delicious vegetable soup at lunch today.    In the true spirit of a PK-8 Community School, the project began last week as students all over the school brought in their vegetable contributions to become part of the final soup.  
Just one of several bins of vegetables brought into the kitchen by students over the past week
 But how do we go from raw, uncut vegetables into tasty soup?    The next step was having Joplin Jame's kindergarten class team up with Leigh Petrucelli's middle school prime group for a morning of cooperative cleaning and cutting.   It was so great to watch our older students buddy up with our youngest students - not only made some great soup additives but more importantly some new friendships.    Check out these pictures from the morning!

 And lastly - was the delicious cooking of our Cafeteria Director Becky Mashak who took all those vegetables and created over 30 gallons of delicious soup that was served to over 800 students and staff today at lunch.  

Soup, a smile and a Halloween shirt all at once - thanks Becky!!
So in my humble opinion - the outcome was delicious!   Please ask at home and hopefully you will hear that it was the best stone soup they have ever eaten too.   A special thank you goes out to our FEED Coordinator, Erica Frey - Delaportes for all her help in organizing this fun and tasty event.    

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