Saturday, October 15, 2016

Beware - unlocked bikes are at risk, especially on the weekends

I know we enjoy a great community and often feel completely safe,  but I'm sorry to have to share that this past weekend two unlocked bikes that were left in our bikerack were stolen.  Fortunately both were eventually found - one in the brush by the railroad and another recovered by Shelburne police.   However we had a similar situation this summer where an unlocked bike was taken from the rack and it, unfortunately, has never been found.  

Three bikes as I left on Friday night - two locked but the other not so.   
We love to see a full bike rack - meaning that our students have gotten a nice ride to school - especially since research clearly shows some aerobic activity in the morning really helps prepare our brain for learning.   But please encourage your son or daughter to lock their bikes since we can not monitor or guarantee their security.  

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