Sunday, October 16, 2016

Creative and Practical Problem Solving - this week's picture theme

One of the most important transferable standards that we want our students to develop is the ability to be creative problem solvers.   When we talk about this particular skill, we think in terms of the following elements:

As I walked around the school this past week - it was evident that in the midst of studying content such as math, science, social studies or language arts we are providing our students with a variety of opportunities to both learn and demonstrate these skills.  Here are a just a few noticings:  

Miss Mo's class as actually exploring the learning target of problem solving - a problem in itself
This is their notebook from the same class
Ms. Lodge's 5th graders exploring some of the issues of the upcoming Presidential election
Mrs. Killkelly is a blur of motion as her class explores various ways to simplify addition
Class discussion is often a part of problem solving - here with Mr. Giles class
The challenge - build a chain reaction, Lucia was definitely up to the task
Ms. Kozikowski's third graders were pondering the challenge of an ant overcoming an obstacle - over, under or through?
I also had the opportunity to take part in my sons' conferences at CVU this week, one is a freshman and the other a senior.    It was reassuring to find that our discussions centered around the same standards - how they were solving problems in Design Tech, communicating clearly in Core Science or Physics, and whether they were exhibiting self-direction in their math classes.   The reports I received were from Jumprope and used a 1-4 scale showing their proficiency on specific learning targets - similar reports to what our middle school teams will be sharing at their conferences.   Great to know that we are becoming an aligned system as we progress towards becoming the Champlain Valley School District.  

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